2010 Yamaha Waverunner FX SHO 3 seater/4 stroke

Red / Grey - 94 Hours


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The 2010 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO is a pinnacle of watercraft engineering, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with unmatched performance and comfort. As a three-seater powered by a robust four-stroke engine, it represents Yamaha’s commitment to delivering thrilling aquatic experiences while prioritizing reliability and innovation.

Technical Details:

  1. Engine: The heart of the WaveRunner FX SHO is its powerful 1.8-liter four-cylinder four-stroke engine. This high-output powerplant utilizes Yamaha’s innovative Super High Output (SHO) technology, delivering exhilarating acceleration and impressive top speed performance. Notably, the four-stroke engine design ensures smooth power delivery, reduced emissions, and exceptional fuel efficiency, setting new standards in the personal watercraft industry.
  2. Hull Design: The FX SHO features Yamaha’s sleek and stable hull design, engineered to provide exceptional stability, precise handling, and superior maneuverability. Whether navigating choppy waters or carving through tight turns, riders can enjoy confidence-inspiring control and comfort, even at high speeds.
  3. Seating: With a spacious three-seater configuration, the FX SHO accommodates passengers in comfort and style. The ergonomically designed seats offer ample cushioning and support, ensuring a comfortable ride for extended periods. Additionally, the extended rear platform provides convenient boarding and access to the water, making it perfect for watersports enthusiasts.
  4. Features: Equipped with an array of advanced features, the FX SHO enhances the overall riding experience. Yamaha’s intuitive electronic throttle control system ensures precise throttle response and smooth acceleration, while features like cruise control and no-wake mode simplify long-distance cruising and low-speed maneuvering. Moreover, the FX SHO boasts ample onboard storage space, allowing riders to stow essential gear and belongings securely.
  5. Safety: Yamaha prioritizes rider safety with features such as a reliable braking system, integrated mirrors for enhanced visibility, and a digitally encoded security system to prevent unauthorized use. Additionally, the inclusion of Yamaha’s proprietary RiDE technology offers intuitive control of forward, neutral, and reverse functions, enhancing maneuverability and safety in various riding conditions.

Positive Benefits:

  1. Thrilling Performance: Owners of the 2010 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO can enjoy exhilarating rides thanks to its powerful engine and responsive hull design. Whether cruising leisurely or engaging in high-speed runs, the FX SHO delivers a dynamic and enjoyable riding experience unmatched by its peers.
  2. Reliability and Durability: Yamaha’s reputation for reliability is exemplified in the FX SHO, built to withstand the rigors of frequent use with minimal maintenance requirements. Owners can enjoy years of trouble-free operation, backed by Yamaha’s renowned engineering expertise and quality assurance standards.
  3. Comfort and Convenience: With its spacious seating, ergonomic design, and advanced features, the FX SHO ensures a comfortable and convenient riding experience for riders and passengers alike. Whether embarking on solo adventures or group outings, everyone aboard can relax and enjoy the ride with confidence.
  4. Fuel Efficiency: Despite its impressive performance, the FX SHO remains remarkably fuel-efficient, allowing owners to maximize their time on the water without worrying about frequent refueling stops. This translates to extended rides and reduced operating costs over time.
  5. Versatility: From adrenaline-fueled water sports to leisurely cruises, the FX SHO offers versatility to cater to a wide range of preferences and activities. With its spacious seating, powerful engine, and advanced features, riders can explore new horizons and create unforgettable memories on the water.

In summary, owning the 2010 Yamaha WaveRunner FX SHO offers unparalleled performance, comfort, and reliability for water enthusiasts seeking the ultimate personal watercraft experience. With its innovative technology, refined design, and exceptional capabilities, the FX SHO stands as a testament to Yamaha’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the water.

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Type: JetSki / PWC
Year: 2010
Make: Yamaha
Model: WaveRunner
Mileage / Hours: 94
VIN Number: Last 6 vin: 53A010