Com-Fab Single PWC with leaf spring axle

PWT1100G Galvanized Steel Single


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PWT-1100 Series for 2- to 3-Place Craft weighing more than 800LBs and between 11.5 and 12.5FT long

  • Optional Side Swivel Tongue Jack Available 
  • 2 IN 3.5K Coupler (Class II)
  • Carpeted 2″x4″x7’ Flat Bunks 
  • 900LB Capacity Winch with Strap and Hook  
  • 4.80″x 12 Bias C Load Range Mod Galvanized Tire & Wheel Assembly
  • 1500 LB 3 Leaf Spring GAWR Axle
  • Super Lube Bearing Lubrication System for Quick and Easy Greasing Access
  • LED Submersible Lighting System
  • Galvanized Hardware 
  • Adjustable Hull Supports
Type: Trailers
Year: 2023
Make: Com-Fab
Model: PWT1100G